A recent article suggesting changing to fitting skills had a pretty interesting comment:

Also remove learning implants – either with or without +5 to base attributes. It doesn’t offer choice, other than discouraging ppl from pvping or nullsec, both of which is bad for Eve’s health.

This is really insightful. Although I desperately want to get involved in something dangerous, I’m just not willing to risk my learning implants by putting my main in low sec, null sec, or wormholes. Although that’s a really boring way to play the game, I think it’s my frugality playing out.

I think that what fdaffds (if that is his real name…) is suggesting really would open up the game world to people who are not willing to risk their implants in non-high sec. Obviously, other types of implants would still exist, but those implants are much more “optional” than the learning implants. As it stands right now, having learning implants in is almost a requirement for anyone who is really training at all.

And maybe that’s just more proof that I’m “doing it wrong.” Perhaps I shouldn’t really be worried about how fast I’m training and instead focus on having fun. Unfortunately, that’s just not how I’m wired. Although I certainly wouldn’t call myself a min-maxer, I definitely want to get the most out of my character. To do that, I have to use learning implants.