Whoo! That’s a mouthful!

Over on Google+ (huh?), CCP has released a graph indicating what types of ships are most used in security missions. In other words, CCP has just released a list of hulls (and by proxy module types) that are most in demand near trade hubs!

The image below gives greater detail, but here’s the info you really want for mission levels two through five:

Level 2
— Caracal (9.1%)
— Vexor (8.1%)

Level 3
— Drake (12.9%) (really? still?)

Level 4
— Tengu (10.1%)
— Raven Navy Issue (8.6%)
— Rattlesnake (8.1%)

Level 5
— Tengu (14.4%)
— Thanatos (11.9%)
— Ishtar (11.7%)

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the mighty Tengu is a popular hull in this role.

Being a drone boat pilot, I’m a little disappointed surprised the Myrmidon and Dominix aren’t in the top of any of these lists. The Myrmidon makes it’s best showing in level three missions (4.7%) and the Dominix in level four missions (3.9%).

Security Missions Dungeon Entry by Ship Type and Agent Level